1. Tour

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  2. Our little trip starts monday

    So as some of you know, we leave for california on monday to start our six week “Thank God we’re not in Vegas” trip.  It is a little weird for us to be stepping out in the capacity, to be going on tour as a clothing company.  There are so many unknowns that play into this trip.  Leading up to the tour has definitely been a test of faith and trust in God, to follow through with a promise that we believe he gave to us.  To have the opportunity to travel and meet new people and to share our hearts with them.  It is because of this promise that regardless of all of the hinderances that have gotten in our way, we are able to look towards the future and know that God is going to do what he promised, and we are excited to see what lies ahead for us.  Keep us in your prays, we always need them.  

    We have all of our tour dates posted on our myspace and facebook so if you are in the area, come down to a show and hang out with us!



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  3. Trusting

    At this point, I am so worn out from everything that I have been dealing with these past couple of months.  I am in such a spot where I don’t have a choice but to trust God to take care of everything in my life.  It sounds so stupid because obviously all we can do is trust God, but for me at least, the realization is bigger than ever.  We are supposed to be going on tour at the end of the month and I am still dealing with medical issues.  I have to get my appendix removed in a week and a half and I am running out of time to get everything done before I lose my health insurance.  It’s scary as hell, but as much as I fear the unknown, I know that God is in control.  

    If you are going through some sort of period in you life where you are afraid of the outcome of things, know that God is going to come through for you.  I am still in the midst of all of it but I KNOW that God is going to provide.  I believe that I am supposed to be going on this tour and that God is going to work it all out.  I almost feel like he is pushing me to my limit just to see if I have what it takes to trust him with everything

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  4. Today…

    So today, one of the bands that we work with released a full length album.  The band is called Sent By Ravens and the album is titled “Our Graceful Words”.  I cannot tell you how big of a blessing it is to know these guys and see how their music so vividly reflects their lives.  They are truly living what they sing so loud.  They arent perfect, but I can see God working through them in a big way. If you have a chance to get ahold of this album, listen to it and soak everything in, you will not be disappointed. I love you guys (JJ, Zach, Andy, LL Cool J, and Dane)

    "Your faith is only as stong as the words you speak.. so speak."


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  5. Update

    So as some of you may or may not know, we are in the middle of setting up a couple of tours over the summer.  These tours have been in the works for a few months now and we are stoked to confirm the tours.  Its really awesome how everything is starting to come together for us.  This new venture has definitely been a test of our faith and trusting in God to put everything together.  Without his provision, we would not be able to even think about the possibility of tour, but He is faithful.  

    We have been hitting a few bumps in the road to say the least.  I (Josh) was in the hospital for a week for stomach complications and left the hospital with bills that I cannot afford to pay.  Our van has been having engine problems and we were expecting to spend alot of money to fix it.  We are in need of a trailer and cannot find one used, so we are planning on having to put down money for a brand new one.  All of this and more has really put us in a position, where we have no choice but to trust God to provide all that we need to make these tours happen.

    Needless to say, we ended up getting the van fixed for half the price that we were expecting to pay, and an amazing friend is loaning us the money that we need to pay for a trailer.

    We still have alot that needs to be done (and paid for), but we are trusting God to provide for us.  Its an exciting and scary place to be. We are stoked to see what God does next!

    (we will keep you updated on what our plans are this summer, so stay tuned!)


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  6. If I could capture emotion in music the way that this man does,  I would be living a dream….

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  7. Provider

    It’s funny how God works through our lives….

    I have been going through a season recently, where I am having to blindly lean on God for everything…. Through it I am learning that God is my provider.

    It sounds somewhat obvious and cliche, but the reality is that, with everything that is going on, I am learning what it really means to rely on God’s provision in my life.

    I was recently in the hospital for a week, due to complications with my stomach, only to get out with not many answers, but alot of money in bills.  I still have follow ups with my doctors to have surgery and to run more tests.

    That kinda just throws a wrench into all that I already have going on.

    We are trying to go on tour over the summer with the clothing company, and are already trusting God to provide the funds to make it happen.  That coupled with my bills just makes it more obvious that the only thing for Me it do is to trust God to PROVIDE A WAY for all of this.

    As much as the answer is clear ( He will provide all that I need)….. it is still a battle to stay focused and trust in Him to come through for me.  Its a crappy/amazing place to be.  I am excited and scared to death……

    But I know that He will provide.

    I encourage each and everyone of you to trust in God with all that you have… he will never let you down.  I have learned so much over the past several years about how amazing and mind blowing God’s love and provision is and I have no regrets with it…

    What choice do we have but to trust.  You cannot do it alone

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  8. Music

    So, I’m sitting here listening to my amazing music collection, wondering how I would survive with out music in my life……  I wouldn’t be able to!  So much of my life revolves around the music that I listen to.  I talk to people all the time and the worst most sad thing that I could ever hear someone say is “I don’t really listen to music, I mean I do, but I don’t have like favorite bands or anything.  Just whatever is on the radio is cool”.  Holy Crap!  Where is your passion and reason for living?  I don’t see a point.  Music gets me so emotionally.  I have never been in love, but when I do fall in love, I know it will feel the same as the way that I feel when I listen to some of my favorite bands.  That amazing feeling that my heart is being ripped into two, the feeling of breaking down and crying for no reason accept that, that is what bands like The Dangerous Summer, and As Cities Burn make me feel like doing……  I can’t explain it……..

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  9. I’m learning now that I was wrong in everything, and thats the reason why I think that I can grow
    – The Dangerous Summer

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